Emotive Music

"The words emotive and emotional share similarities but are not simply interchangeable.  Emotive is used to mean 'arousing intense feeling', while emotional tends to mean 'characterized by intense feeling'."


Both CD's are Emotive Instrumental Hymns 

1. Sweet Hour of Prayer  - mostly old hymns from the Smokey Mountains and Southern States

2.  Whispers of  Mary - coming out this December 2016

3. Can be digitally download via;  itunes, amazon. com, Cdbaby.com


These recordings of mine are to help you meditate and relax.  To bring a peace to your spirit after a long or stress filled day.   


In listening to these recordings you will fine a Holiness and Peace that will calm your soul.


Also wonderful for Hospice Patients


Recorded and Mastered by Matt Brennan

Brennan Music Studios

10263 Sawmill Pkwy. Powell, Ohio 43065


Cover and Packaging design by Andrea at Chameleon Designs

Copyright 2016





Special Thanks!

My Special Friends

  • These talented artist, whom I've had the privilege to play with over the years, share their gifts on both of my CD's.


  • They were given a brief description of my vision for each song before we recorded the improvisations in the studio.  


  • The results are evidence of the creativity of the Lord working through each instrumentalists and myself on Piano.



Valorie Adams - Flute

Jennifer Day - Oboe

Arkadiy Gips - Violin

Chaz Mechenbier - Guitar and Mandolin

Jane Van Voorhis - Cello

Terri Boselli - Cello

Jane Warburton - Cello


Thanks to these wonderful friends of mine too;


Matt and Debbie Brennan 

Andrea Wirtanen 

Sharon Vazques

Emily Strand

Cathy Myerholtz

MariKay Dono

Janet Burkhart

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