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Special Thanks!

My Special Friends

  • These talented artist, whom I've had the privilege to play with over the years, share their gifts on all of my recordings.


  • They were given a brief description of my vision for each song before we recorded the improvisations in the studio 99 % one takes.


  • The results are evidence of the creativity of the Lord working through each instrumentalists and myself on Piano.


Mark Voris - Piano and Synths

Valorie Adams-Hildreth - Flute

Jennifer Day - Oboe

Arkadiy Gips - Violin

Chaz Mechenbier - Guitar and Mandolin

Jane Van Voorhis - Cello

Terri Boselli-Wyman - Cello

Jane Warburton - Cello

Tiffany Envid - Harp

Dr. Larry Griffin - Trumpet




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