New Release coming

September 1st 2020


Thou Art with Me - Hymns of Comfort

Featuring guest Artist

Hilda Doyle  on "Come Thou Fount"

The Ladies of Longford  on "Jewels"

Catherine Voris  on "Nearer My God to Thee"

Other artist on this CD are Chaz Mechenbier, Nicki Baker, Stephanie Doyle, Heather Doyle and Dan Cade




"speaks what cannot be expressed soothes the mind and gives it rest heals the heart and makes it whole flows from heaven to the soul'."


These recordings of mine are to help you meditate and relax.  To bring a peace to your spirit after a long or stress filled day.   In listening to these recordings you will fine a Holiness and Peace that will calm your soul that will bring you to a place of rest and comfort and help bring healing in your time of need!


  • Perfect before prayer time
  • Hospice patients






A collaboration of love, expressed through the gift of music     by these artist friends...

Myself - Mark Voris - Piano and Synths

Valorie Adams-Hildreth - Flute

Jennifer Day - Oboe

Arkadiy Gips - Violin

Chaz Mechenbier - Guitar and Mandolin

Jane Van Voorhis - Cello

Terri Boselli-Wyman - Cello

Jane Warburton - Cello

Tiffany Envid - Harp

Dr. Larry Griffin - Trumpet

Hilda Doyle - Vocal and Guitar

Dan Cade - Fiddle

Stephanie Doyle - Vocals

Nicki Baker - Vocals

Heather Doyle - Vocals

Catherine Voris - Vocals




Whispers of Mary

Mark and friends

This collection of 10 emotive songs and hymns honoring the Blessed Mother

Featuring 10 of some of the most popular Marian hymns, Mark and his brilliant musicians have captured both the wonderful tradition and a new freshness of each song praising Our Lady. Predominantly featuring Mark on the piano, with accompanying instrumentals and lovely vocals, this CD is perfect for quiet listening alone or with family or friends.